Sony TDM-iP10 Digital Media Port

Best iPod Dock - Sony TDM-iP10

The Best iPod Dock, the Sony TDM-iP10

Best iPod Dock Review: (The Sony TDM-iP10 Digital Media Port) – $52.00

This offering from the High End manufacturer Sony, the TDM-iP10 is designed to work exclusively with their own line up of Home Entertainment Systems, specifically those with a DMPORT or Digital Media Port.

Sony TDM-iP10 Digital Media Port

Best iPod Dock found that hooking up the TDM-iP10 was a synch, no trouble at all, we would like to have seen a longer signal cable though. The tracks and playlists can be selected with the Sony Home Entertainment Centre remote control, playback, pause etc. are all fully functional. The TDM-iP10 DOES NOT output the playlist to the TV, despite the advertising, so if you requrie this feature then stay clear.

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The dock produces excellent sound quality when hooked up, utilising a Digital signal no doubt helps the sound quality, Sony have done their very best to make sure it is up to par with the best of the rest.

In the box is the Sony TDM-iP10 Dock, the digital connecting cable and an instruction manual / warranty card. It is also included with 5 adapters to cover all iPod models, past & present.



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ALL iPod models. (Not iPhone)

Sony TDM-iP10 Digital Media Port


The Best iPod Dock team found the Sony TDM-iP10 to be a well made, well presented iPod dock and apart from the short Digital cable and the lack of the aforementioned “on-Screen” display, the unit operated very well, producing a very satisfying sound. We would recommend this iPod dock to owners of compatible Sony Kit.

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