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Thank you for visiting The Best iPod Dock, hopefully the best resource for that iPod or iPhone docking station you’ve been looking for but never managed to find the time to buy.

What we are doing, for you, and Why. (read on – why is near the bottom)

We’ve spent the time, not just testing the units, but taking in customer reviews from literally hundreds of sites, manufacturer specs, pamphlets and flyers, so that you get an unbiased view of the current top iPod docks.

We checked out the sound quality of the iPod dock’s, the functional properties, additional features. We’ve measured for Value, Ease of Use and reliability.

We wanted to know if you could use a skin or case with the docks and more.he Best od Dock 2011

The Best iPod Dock, How we Roll,

Using the details from 5 of the largest retailers, 3 online, 2 on the high street, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 Best selling iPod Docking stations, then, we’ve taken those 10 and tested them to destruction, well, not destruction but you get the idea.

Each of the best ipod docks has had a thorough testing, various iDevices were used in each test, to make sure that 1, they fit and 2, they work as expected. We wouldn’t want you reading our review, buying the Dock, it arriving and then your phone not fitting? Each has been hooked up to lowly portable iPod speakers and also to 3 high end sound systems. We wanted a full sound test.

Of course, the important bit is the Letting you know.

The Current Best iPod Docking Station is the Diminutive Sinjimoru Sync Dock, at only $20 Dollars too. Reviewed Here.

Why are we doing this?

Well, 1st and foremost, money, lets be honest, we all need to eat, most of us have kids to feed, money is essential.

The Best iPod Dock

Now, we haven’t thrown advertising down your face, just some select links, for the product being reviewed. From Amazon no less. Safe as houses.

We make a whole 4% on any sale that is made. We assume some of you readers WILL actually buy an iPod dock, ideally via our link.

We will continue to keep this Site up to date with all the recent developments in the iPod Docking world.

Once again, Thanks for Looking.